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The B2B payments platform that helps you expand globally

Business buyers expect to Pay by Invoice with Net Payment Terms regardless of where they are. Offer your international buyers the flexible payment options they need to complete their first order.


  • Get paid upfront, eliminate all risk and say goodbye to chasing late payments. We do the heavy lifting.

  • Turn payments into a strategic asset for you to focus on what you do best: Growing your business.

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Grow your global revenue by extending trust at first order

Provide business buyers ability to pay with Net Payment Terms (7-90 days) or in installments regardless of where they are located. With Sprinque you can win and service buyers all over Europe and beyond without taking additional risk.

Grow your revenue with Sprinque

Win new customers and increase revenue

Offer new buyers the payments flexibility they need to complete their purchase. Don't let new buyers wait hours or days to be approved for payment terms. Provide them the best-in-class payments experience to win them and have them coming back.

Available on any sales channel

Our platform is available via plug-in, API, or offline sales flows. We help you grow you business via any channel.

Get paid instantly, eliminate all risk

Don’t worry about late payments or cash flow. We pay you instantly and we take over all credit and fraud risk.

Online Plastics Group

Ernst Vischer, Business Development Manager

Sprinque ticked all the boxes for us. Furthermore, they exceeded our expectations with the flexibility of their platform, the responsiveness of the team, and European capabilities.

Max Bisseling, E-Commerce Manager

We operate cross border and didn’t want to engage with a different supplier in each market we operate in. We chose Sprinque as they are able to support our buyers in all the markets where we are present.


Sprinque is built
to optimise


Your buyer's experience

Global coverage

We service buyers in Europe and beyond to standardise and improve the payments experience across all your active markets.

White-label support

We understand the value of you building trust with your buyers. Your relationship remains yours.

Complete localisation

We dynamically localise language, IBANs, and currencies to make your buyers feel comfortable to purchase from you and to establish trust.

Your workflows

No more payments related admin

Say goodbye to late payments and messy reconcilitation. You get paid on-time everytime.

Edge-case ready

Partial refunds, multi-currency collections, change of invoice amount mid-order, Sprinque is ready for the complexities of B2B purchasing.

Universal platfrom access

Integrate our APIs, use our eCommerce plug-ins or use the service offline via our Merchant Control Center. We are available via the channel that works best for you.

At Sprinque, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard in information security

We handle the information of our partners, customers, and their clients with the highest level of care and security. Our ISO/IEC 27001 certification proves our commitment to stringent security standards. Trust Sprinque to protect your data and keep your business safe.

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