The all-in-one checkout platform for B2B merchants and marketplaces

We bring together all the functionality required for you to easily onboard online buyers across Europe, offer them the payment terms they need to buy more, and you get paid instantly with no risk.


Business buyers expect payment terms

It’s a simple equation. Not offering your buyers the payment terms they need = missed sales, lower revenue, and lost customers.

It’s not easy to offer terms, however. It’s hard to trust online buyers you’ve never met, managing credit as you grow increases your manual work, and you’ll need working capital to finance these transactions.

Enter Sprinque


Increase sales, order size, and loyal customers

With Sprinque you can seamlessly offer your online buyers the payments terms they need complete their purchase. In the online world, a great customer experience = more customers and more revenue


We manage the end-to-end experience so you don’t have to

All functionality is fully embedded in your platform and automated with our APIs. No need to increase your manual workload or try to automate the credit management process yourself.


Access the financing options that best fit your needs

You can stop using your working capital to finance your buyers. We’ve built multiple options for you to eliminate the risk of offering payment terms and offer you different options to get paid.

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Trusted by B2B eCommerce pioneers

The All-in-One
B2B Checkout Platform


Buyer Onboarding

Offer a better onboarding experience and ensure you are dealing with real businesses and users using our Onboarding APIs.


Real-time Risk Assessments

Sprinque conducts a real-time credit risk assessment during your onboarding process to approve buyers for terms BEFORE they start purchasing, not AFTER.


E2E Credit Management

We automate the entire experience from buyer and credit approval, managing transactions and credit limits, to reminders and collections.


Risk-Free, Instant Payouts

We take on the risk of non-payment when issuing terms. We pay you out instantly so you can put that money to work.


Designed for Developers

Embed all functionality in your platform with our APIs to offer your buyers the payment experience best suited to your industry and customer journey.


Merchant Control Center

Easily manage all of your buyers and transactions via a single overview through our Merchant Control Center.

Let’s define B2B eCommerce together

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