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The most flexible B2B payments platform

Offer your business buyers the ability to Pay by Invoice on flexible Net Payment Terms


Pan-European coverage within a single solution to service all of your buyers.

​No more risk, manual admin or chasing late payments.


Service new geographies with cross border Payment Terms

Business buyers expect the flexibility to pay 30, 60, or 90 days after purchase. We assign a credit limit in real-time for your international buyers and manage all collections. You set it up once for all territories, eliminating all manual work and risk.


Cross border Payment Terms have never been this simple.

Trusted by B2B Marketplaces and Merchants


Why Sprinque


Increase conversion and retention

Seamlessly offer your buyers the payments terms they need to complete their purchase. Sprinque’s revolving credit line incentives quicker purchasing and more frequent ordering.


Get paid instantly, eliminate all risk

Don’t worry about late payments or cash flow. We pay you instantly and take care of collections in a way that works best for your buyers.


Adaptable to all B2B transactions

Not all B2B transactions are the same. Sometimes the final invoice doesn't match the initial agreed amount. Sometimes there are partial refunds, or upsells. We built Sprinque to handle all business cases.

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Built to support all B2B buying journeys.


Revolving Credit Line

All approved buyers are issued a credit limit to use for multiple transactions, strengthening the relationship between you and your buyers.


Real-time Risk Assessments

Sprinque conducts a real-time credit risk assessment during your onboarding process to approve buyers for terms BEFORE they start purchasing, not AFTER.


Whitelabel Solution

Your relationship with your buyers is yours.

We provide the option for you to brand the service how you prefer while we finance all transactions in the background.

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European Coverage

We extend payment terms to your buyers across Europe, so you only have to work with a single solution.


Risk-Free, Instant Payouts

We take on the risk of non-payment when issuing terms. We pay you out instantly so you can put that money to work.


Flexible Architecture

No B2B buying journey is the same. Our APIs and plugins seamlessly integrate with your ecosystem and can support your industry specific flow.

Want to learn more? Get in touch.


General inquiries:


Prinsengracht 526
1017 KJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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