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The most flexible B2B payments platform

Offer your business buyers the ability to Pay by Invoice on the net payment terms that your industry requires.


Directly from your online webshop and within seconds.



Increase purchase conversions and retention of existing and new buyers with our instant credit check

Offer international coverage within a single solution to service all of your buyers and territories

​Get paid instantly and eliminate all risks, manual admin or chasing late payments.

Service new geographies with cross border payment terms

Business buyers expect the flexibility to pay 30, 60, or 90 days after purchase. We assign a credit limit in real-time for your international buyers and manage all collections. You set it up once for all territories, eliminating all manual work and risk.


Cross border Payment Terms have never been this simple.

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B2B BNPL Payments
Sprinque Online Plastics Group

Max Bisseling, E-Commerce Manager

We operate cross border and didn’t want to engage with a different supplier in each market we operate in. We chose Sprinque as they are able to support our buyers in all the markets where we are present.


Maarten de Reij, CEO

Offering payment terms at scale is unheard of in the logistics industry. Sprinque allows our buyers to purchase with the flexibility they need, while eliminating all risk from the transactions and allowing us to capture and retain more business.

Why Sprinque:

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