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Product - Merchant Control Center

Manage your Receivables & Payments through a single portal

Sprinque Merchant Control Center: The all-in-one portal where you can view and manage your buyers, credit limits, receivables, settlements, and integrations.


Leverage the power of the Sprinque Merchant Control Center to grow your revenue

Onboard buyers before you sell

Secure upfront credit limits and effortlessly request limit increases when needed, streamlining the process for closing larger deals.

Manage transactions across all sales channels

Manage and track net payment terms across all your online and offline sales channels in one place.


Get insights into payment behavior

Use our analytics dashboard and detailed invoice timelines to better understand your buyers and when they pay.

Decide when you get paid

Either use a default settlement frequency across all your invoices or use Dynamic Settlements to determine for each invoice when you need to get paid.


Invoice in Multiple Currencies

Issue invoices in various currencies for global reach, attracting a wider audience and boosting international sales.

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