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Sprinque and Taurus Media partner up to help Magento e-commerce shops provide Pay by Invoice

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Sprinque and Taurus partnership announcement

We are thrilled to announce that Sprinque and Taurus Media, a Utrecht-based technical e-commerce agency specializing in Magento, have partnered to realize our shared vision of seamless e-commerce Pay by Invoice processes.

At Sprinque, our core goal has always been to support aspiring businesses by offering financial solutions that translate into their growth. Taurus Media shares a similar commitment to excellence when creating scalable Magento webshops. Through this collaboration, we seek to assist B2B merchants in reaching their maximum potential in digitization efforts. With both expertise combined, our partnership is set to bring impactful transformation in the world of B2B commerce.

Having more than 15 years of ecommerce experience, Taurus Media specializes in delivering scalable solutions. What sets Taurus Media apart is their unwavering commitment to maintaining close, personal connections with their clients and being the best partner for ambitious businesses to expand.

“We closely monitor market developments and are continuously looking for new opportunities for our customers. Many of them operate in the B2B market, which is a very interesting market with great prospects. We are therefore very excited about this new partnership with Sprinque. With their payment solution, we enable our customers to strengthen their offering, increase their conversions and reduce their risks. And this fits perfectly with Taurus Media's strategy.” - Floris Haselager, Co-owner at Taurus Media

Throughout the years, Sprinque has earned the trust of visionary B2B merchants looking to expand into new markets. Sprinque enables merchants to service cross-border transactions without taking on additional risks or manual work, from fast credit and fraud checks to allowing commercial purchasers to pay on flexible net terms.

“Our partnership with Taurus Media represents a significant step forward for Sprinque. Together, we are committed to elevating B2B e-commerce by blending financial excellence with e-commerce expertise. This collaboration is about empowering businesses. As we combine our strengths, we are endeavoring towards a bright digital future.” - Juan Espinosa, CEO and Co-founder at Sprinque.

As the motto of Taurus Media goes - “Walk alone, walk fast. Walk together, walk far!” This partnership is committed to bringing ambitious businesses extremely far in their digitalization journey. To discover how Taurus Media and Sprinque can assist you in achieving your B2B online business objectives, schedule a demo with us today. Let's together embark on a path to digital success. If you're an agency searching for the finest B2B payment solutions for your clients, reach out to our partnership team, and we'll bolster your clients' growth and revenue increase.

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