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Grow your business by letting your buyers pay on Net Terms

Easily offer your buyers what they want: to pay 30/60/90 days after purchase. We pay you out instantly, eliminating all risk. Available for both online and offline B2B transactions. 


How it works...


Transaction Processing


Payments & Collections

Buyer onboarding

Convenient business search functionality

Our Search functionality makes it possible for new buyers to easily register on your site. A buyer simply finds and selects their business, and we pre-populate the registration form with essential business information. No more manual inputs or lengthy onboarding sessions.

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Real-time approvals

We leverage an international network of data sources to: 1. Verify businesses across Europe, 2. Screen for fraud; and 3. Assess creditworthiness. For approved buyers we assign a revolving credit limit so they can start purchasing right away.

Transaction processing

Enable single-click purchasing

After approval, your buyers can simply select to Pay by Invoice (or whatever is the appropriate local naming) as a payment option in your checkout or purchasing page. We authorize the transaction and will handle the complexity of managing a buyer’s available credit limit.

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Payments & Collections


Payment reminders

Sprinque will send friendly, white-labeled payment reminders to buyers around the time when their invoice is due. 

Buyers choose how to pay

Buyers can pay their invoices using their preferred payment methods, including SEPA Bank Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit, and local payment methods (e.g. iDeal in the Netherlands)


Instant payouts


Get paid faster. Guaranteed.

Our flexible settlements allow you to pick when you'd like to get paid for the transactions handled by Sprinque. Transactions approved by Sprinque are insured and therefore we guarantee payment to you.

Want to learn more? Get in touch.


General inquiries:


Prinsengracht 526
1017 KJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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