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Sprinque and SAYE
How SAYE reduced their admin tasks using Sprinque

Eliminating cashflow friction with digital cross-border Pay by Invoice

SAYE Case Study
Saye Case Study

Founded in 2017, SAYE emerged with a resolute commitment to revolutionize the conventional footwear industry, taking significant steps towards a brighter future.

Their unwavering dedication to delivering premium sneakers and sustainable clothing underscores their mission to inspire the change towards a more conscious lifestyle. All along, SAYE remains aware of the substantial challenges they face. 


SAYE’s remarkable footwear is readily accessible through physical locations, since they have 122 stores operating in 15 countries across the globe, their user-friendly website, or reputable retail partners.


Central to SAYE’s responsible initiative is their pledge to reforestation, a project which has gained more than 180.000 followers on Instagram. Since its inception, the company has committed to planting two trees for every pair of sneakers sold. So far, they have planted more than 300.000 trees in Zambia, India, Australia and in the Amazones.





Instagram followers


Trees planted

Finding a solution like Sprinque has been a breath of fresh air for our business: it has allowed us to improve financial planning, providing peace of mind and flexibility. We know when our bills will be paid and we can have liquidity to continue growing. Thanks to Sprinque our financial department is more efficient, both sales and production have increased and our administrative tasks have been reduced by around 90%.

Damian Augustyniak, CEO & Co-Founder

SAYE and Sprinque
SAYE and Sprinque
SAYE and Sprinque

Their challenge

Distributing sustainable footwear through retailers provides them with a new source of income, but also it involves retailers fronting costs and adhering to extended payment terms, which in many cases come hand in hand with cashflow friction. At SAYE, the team is bound to advance goods and payments without having received the amount of the sale, which in many cases can take up to 90 days.

The solution

Sprinque offers SAYE the possibility of receiving the money shortly after issuing the invoice, being able to choose the collection period: 24 hours, 5, 7, 14, 21 or 29 days. This transformative solution effectively solves cashflow burdens, empowering SAYE to reinvest in their business and fuel its continuous growth, all without incurring any debt-related obligations.


Sprinque’s Pay by Invoice solution simplifies the process for SAYE, streamlining the entire operation through a straightforward dashboard. B2B buyers from SAYE can check their eligibility for Net Payment Terms and Pay with Sprinque in no time. For SAYE, this translates into the ability to offer invoice payments for transactions up to €300,000, supported by a practically immediate risk analysis process (2.5 seconds). Additionally, this solution seamlessly integrates both offline and online processes, becoming part of their e-commerce checkout experience.

The results

SAYE has witnessed a remarkable transformation, with a 90% reduction in manual tasks, resulting in a dramatic decrease in administrative costs. With funds becoming available in such a short time frame, SAYE has seized the opportunity to bolster its inventory by 15%, thereby amplifying its presence not only in their proprietary sales channel but also in collaboration with major retailers. This strategic move has propelled the brand’s growth to new heights and significantly increased their overall revenue. 


In addition, Sprinque cross-border capabilities gives SAYE the possibility of covering their worldwide markets with a single tool, without limits.


Reduction in manual tasks


Inventory increase

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