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Unlocking B2B Success: The Sprinque and Ecomwise partnership

Unlocking B2B Success: The Sprinque and Ecomwise partnership

Today, we're thrilled to announce an exciting partnership that promises to redefine B2B e-commerce. Sprinque and Ecomwise have joined forces with a shared mission that centers on empowering B2B businesses to flourish in this digital realm.

According to McKinsey, digital B2B sales are the future wave, with 70% of B2B decision-makers finding comfort in making large new purchases and reorders online. This emerging trend calls for a stable yet scalable e-commerce setting that allows business to capture the ever-evolving opportunity and reach exponential growth.

With this goal in mind, Ecomwise and Sprinque shared a common vision - assisting ambitious B2B businesses to achieve their full potential in the digital landscape. While Ecomwise specializes in crafting technically sound and user-friendly webshops, Sprinque focuses on providing the right financial solution to help B2B businesses expand globally. With both expertise combined, this partnership is set to revolutionize B2B commerce.

“Our goal is to support B2B businesses by providing the right digital experience to their customers. An important part of this experience is offering the right payment solutions for B2B customers. Sprinque is helping us to achieve this goal by offering an excellent solution for B2B payments that can be easily integrated with our e-commerce solutions.” - Daniël Cronie - Director at Ecomwise

Ecomwise’s expertise lies in helping wholesalers and manufacturers develop and maintain B2B webshops, while constantly familiarizing themselves with the best and most powerful solution to fuel the clients’ success. This is based on proven e-commerce solutions such as Magento, Shopware and Akeneo.

Collaboratively, Sprinque and Ecomwise will offer an extensive array of services to merchants seeking to enhance the efficiency of their B2B payments and e-commerce operations, ensuring an exceptional buyer experience for their customers.

We anticipate witnessing the transformative effects of this partnership on the B2B e-commerce ecosystem within the networks of Sprinque and Ecomwise. By uniting our strengths, we envision becoming a pivotal force for any B2B business seeking to transit into the digital realm and provide a superior online experience for their clients.

“We firmly believe that payments are the cornerstone of B2B e-commerce experiences. Our collaboration with Ecomwise is a testament to our commitment to providing B2B merchants with the tools they need to succeed. By integrating our payment solutions with Ecomwise's e-commerce prowess, we're crafting platforms that empower businesses to thrive, pushing their journey towards unprecedented growth in the dynamic B2B digital landscape." - Juan Espinosa, CEO at Sprinque.

At Sprinque, our primary purpose is to transform how B2B businesses thrive in the digital realm. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates as we collaborate with more companies to bring the future of B2B payments and e-commerce to worldwide merchants!

To discover how Ecomwise and Sprinque can assist you in achieving your B2B online business objectives, schedule a demo with us today. Let's embark on a journey towards digital excellence, together.

If you're an agency searching for the finest B2B payment solutions for your clients, reach out to our partnership team, and we'll bolster your clients' growth and revenue increase.

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About Sprinque

Sprinque is a leading cross-border B2B payments platform that enables pay-by-invoice capabilities for businesses. With secure and efficient technology, Sprinque empowers merchants to streamline invoice payments, detect fraud, avoid risks, reduce administrative burdens, and accelerate cash flow. Sprinque makes it possible for B2B merchants and B2B marketplaces to extend payment terms to their customers, with the option for them to pay 7 - 90 days later, without taking on additional risk or operational overhead. Sprinque was founded in the spring of 2021 in Amsterdam by Manoj Tutika (CTO), Mark Holleman (CPO), and Juan Espinosa (CEO).

About Ecomwise

Ecomwise specialises in the business market by helping wholesalers and manufacturers develop and maintain a B2B webstore and/or B2C and D2C channels. We always look for the most powerful solution for the specific market our client is in and connect all the technology to. The basis of these webstores lies with us, in proven e-commerce solutions such as Magento and Shopware.

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