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Join our team to help shape and accelerate the growth of B2B eCommerce.

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Sprinque Team
Remote first

Remote first

Join us from anywhere.

We have team members in the Netherlands, India, Spain, Germany, Portugal, and we intend to continue expanding our workforce throughout Europe and beyond. Simply put, we are looking for the greatest people regardless of where you are. We seek the people who are not intimidated by immense challenges and are always seeking to disrupt the status quo.
We put immense trust in you to execute at your highest ability and to make and own the decisions required to help us keep progressing at warp speed.

Join us!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses grow safely in a digital world.

B2B commerce is going digital and we are building the business credit and business-to-business payment infrastructure from the ground up to support B2B ecommerce. We are obsessed with making it easy for businesses to pay for online purchases on payment terms that suit them, and to enable merchants to use credit and payments as a strategic tool for building a thriving online business.

The challenge ahead is huge. B2B commerce, payments, and credit has seen very little innovation over the last century. Systems need to be redesigned from the ground up, analog habits have to be retrained and an entirely new set of tools and capabilities needs to be developed from scratch. Complexity is what drives us at Sprinque.


Our Values

We strive for ownership, transparency and accountability. Our employees are encouraged to work independently and make decisions as necessary.

Keep things simple

We keep things simple

We always look for ways to simplify our products and services, which must be easy to use, intuitive, and require minimum interaction.

We are resourceful

We are resourceful

We are frugal and continuously search for innovative and creative ways to do more with less. We are curious about new possibilities and ideas, and act to explore them.


We are empathetic

We exist to improve the lives of our customers, through our products and services, and of our team, by treating everyone with trust and respect.

We are tenacious

We are tenacious

We think big and act with conviction, keeping our eye on our long-term goals, and see things through to the end.

We are thorough

We are thorough

We value details and dive deep to acquire real insights and understanding. This will enable us to transform how things have always been done.

We love collaborating

We love collaborating

We work well with others and leverage a team mentality to accomplish the impossible.

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We are driven by curiosity, tenacity and the belief that every person can grow.

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