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Pay By Invoice solution

Product - Pay by Invoice

Accelerate your sales with our global Pay by Invoice solution

Your international buyers choose when they want to pay, while you get paid up front, in full, and with no risk.


Buyer approval rate


Conversion rate increase

€100 - €300,000

Order values

Why do merchants love the Sprinque solution?

Buyer onboarding

Real-time buyer onboarding

Close sales faster by onboarding buyers in real time. Eliminate delays caused by risk decisioning.

Settlement Date

Dynamic settlements

With Dynamic Settlements you decide when you want to get paid for each invoice. This minimizes fees and optimizes your working capital.

End-to-end solution

End-to-end solution

Sprinque handles the entire process, from buyer onboarding through to buyer collections, reducing your operational burden.

Net terms

Fee sharing

You decide what net payment terms you offer your buyers and who pays those fees (you, the buyer, or a hybrid model).


Easy to integrate

With Sprinque’s APIs and plugins, we can support any B2B purchasing flow, from gated access to real-time onboarding in the checkout.

Support all sales channels

Supports all sales channels

Sprinque’s merchant account can be used for offline and online order processing. All transactions are visible in Sprinque’s Merchant Control Centre (MCC).

Your buyers get an awesome,
frictionless purchasing experience


Buyers choose when they want to pay.


Payment reminders once the invoice is overdue.


Pay by bank transfer to local IBANs.


Real-time, automated risk decisioning.


Pay by link with local payment methods and consolidated invoices.

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