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Sprinque FAQ

Sprinque FAQs

Below you’ll find answers to most common questions you may have about Sprinque. If your question hasn’t been answered, please contact us via

  • What is Sprinque?
    Sprinque is a B2B Fintech company, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At Sprinque, we are revolutionizing the B2B payments landscape, providing cutting-edge solutions that foster rapid and secure growth for businesses. Sprinque enables B2B marketplaces and merchants to give their buyers payment flexibility. Adaptable to all types of B2B transactions, both online and offline. Our mission is to eliminate friction from B2B Commerce, globally. Learn more at
  • What solution does Sprinque provide?
    Sprinque enables B2B merchants, platforms, and marketplaces to offer Pay by Invoice to their buyers — seamlessly integrated into the purchasing journey, removing manual work for finance teams and eliminating potential risk. Sprinque performs real-time credit and fraud risk assessments on buyers and issues a revolving credit limit as well as net payment terms to approved buyers. Approved buyers can then select Pay by Invoice when placing their orders. When the final invoice is generated, Sprinque pays out the merchant and takes over the default risk of the receivable, while the buyer pays Sprinque according to the payment terms they received.
  • What is the benefit of working with Sprinque?
    Our white-label B2B payments platform drives growth, unlocks cash flows, de-risks net terms, and eliminates administration overhead. Sprinque handles all tasks related to offering net payment terms to buyers - risk and fraud assessment, collection, dunning, and reconciliation, allowing ambitious B2B merchants and marketplaces to focus on growth.
  • Is Sprinque a BNPL solution?
    The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) term comes from B2C e-commerce, but the concept of BNPL has existed in B2B commerce for centuries. Business buyersexpect to pay for transactions using an invoice. Given that B2B transactions are often far more complex than B2C transactions, we prefer to use the term Pay by Invoice with different net payment terms, including 7, 15, 30, 45, 60, or 90 days, and instalments.
  • How does Sprinque compare with traditional factoring services?
    Traditional factoring services usually solve only for cash flow. Sprinque solves both cash flow and process issues. We provide an end-to-end, automated solution that allows merchants to offer Pay by Invoice to both online and offline buyers without any default risk and with the option to get paid instantly. This allows the merchant to focus on their growth while Sprinque takes care of the rest.
  • What countries does Sprinque cover?
    Sprinque is industry-agnostic and works with merchants and buyers globally.
  • What is Sprinque’s data protection policy?
    Your data is secure with us, and you and your company’s data security is of utmost importance, therefore please have a look at our Privacy & Cookie Statement. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions.
  • Why should I want to work for Sprinque?
    We are a team built with diversity at its core. Diversity of cultures, diversity of thought, and diversity of problem-solving abilities. We seek people who are not intimidated by immense challenges and are always seeking to disrupt the status quo. If you want to join our journey and make an impact on digitizing B2B commerce and B2B payments, check out this link to find out our open roles: Sprinque Careers.
  • When can I use Sprinque for my business?
    If you are based in Europe and sell to business buyers, Sprinque is likely able to help. Please contact us at or fill in the form on our website. We’ll reach out shortly.
  • What are the costs for using Sprinque’s services?
    Sprinque charges a % processing fee on each transaction. This fee is dependent on the risk profile of your industry, the net payment term you want to offer to your buyers (7 - 90 days), and how fast you would like to get paid for each transaction (e.g., T+1, T+3, T+7, T+14 days from when the invoice is issued). There are no hidden charges.
  • When do I get paid for the invoice?
    You can choose from different settlement options depending on your cash flow needs per invoice - the next day, on the invoice due date, or any day in between. Read more: Dynamic Settlement.
  • How does Sprinque perform real-time fraud and credit risk checks on my buyers?
    Sprinque screens for fraud risk and assesses creditworthiness using a combination of traditional and alternative data sources. Buyers that cannot be automatically approved will go through a manual review process. Automated credit decisions are made in seconds, while manual review decisions can take up to 24 hours.
  • What are Sprinque’s acceptance rates?
    Sprinque’s buyer approval rates are between 75% and 95%, depending on the risk profile of your industry and buyers.
  • How easy is it to integrate Sprinque?
    You can integrate with us directly via API, SDK or our e-commerce plugins. If you have any questions about integration options, please check our Integrations page or contact
  • How can I test out Sprinque’s services before deciding whether to integrate?
    You can start manually, through our Merchant Control Centre, where you can add buyers and upload invoices. Sprinque will pay out those invoices to you and will collect payment from the buyer. If you would like to discuss this solution further, please contact
  • What happens when the buyer wants a refund?
    The buyer will contact the merchant to request a refund. Once approved, the merchant will issue a credit note for the refunded amount to Sprinque, which we will apply to the invoice on record, and inform the buyer. The buyer will only pay the remaining invoice balance, if any.
  • What happens when a buyer disputes an invoice?
    If a buyer informs Sprinque that they dispute an invoice, we will pause our manual collection process for that invoice and ask the buyer to contact the merchant directly to resolve the matter. We will also contact the merchant to resolve the issue. If a buyer informs you, a merchant, of a dispute, please inform the Sprinque team about the results as soon as an agreement is reached. When a dispute occurs, and is not resolved by the merchant within 5 days, Sprinque transfers the invoices back to the merchant based on the merchant agreement applicable between merchant and Sprinque.
  • Can I increase a buyer's credit limit?
    You can request it from your Merchant Control Centre > Buyer > Request update credit limit. We will assess the buyer and keep you informed about the credit decision.
  • Are there late payment fees?
    Sprinque charges a buyer late payment fee when a buyer fails to pay within 14 days past the due date mentioned in the invoice cover letter or reminder emails sent by Sprinque. Late payment fees are to encourage timely payments and ensure a smoother financing process for both merchants and buyers.
  • Can late payment fees be negotiated or disputed?
    Late payment fees are non-negotiable and are charged within the boundaries of applicable laws. If buyers anticipate disputes or errors in the invoice, it is recommended to communicate with Sprinque's customer support at as soon as possible. Sprinque will assess on a case-by-case basis.
  • Why am I receiving emails from
    You are receiving emails from Sprinque because you either, 1. selected Sprinque Pay by Invoice as the payment option when placing the order with your merchant; or, 2. your merchant is working with Sprinque to help them manage their receivables. Sprinque partners with merchants to facilitate the Pay by Invoice features and manages the collection process on behalf of the merchant. Sprinque is contacting you regarding your invoices and payments for the invoices related to your purchase.
  • How can I increase my chances to pass a credit assessment?
    To help us make the most accurate credit assessment of your business, please make sure that you enter all your business details correctly and completely when registering with the merchant. For example, you should use your company or business email address, instead of a generic email address, such as Gmail.
  • What to do if I’m rejected for credit? Is it possible to appeal my credit assessment decision?
    Please contact your merchant or and the Sprinque team can review the decision.
  • My credit limit is not large enough for the transaction I want to do, what should I do?
    If you wish to increase your credit limit, please contact your merchant and together with your merchant we can review the credit limit decision.
  • What payment methods can I use to pay my invoice?
    You can pay your invoice through your preferred payment method - iDeal (Netherlands), SEPA DD (Euro Zone), or bank transfer. Please use the pay link in the reminder emails to see all options available to you, or simply opt for a bank transfer.
  • Where do I pay for my invoice?
    Please see your reminder emails for payment with the designated bank details and a link to our pay page.
  • Where do I get a copy of my invoice?
    You will receive payment reminder emails with your invoice attached from us. Otherwise please contact, and we will re-send your invoice to you.
  • I don’t agree with my invoice, or I wish to return a product, what should I do?
    Please inform Sprinque and contact your merchant for any disputes or returns of your products. They will then clarify with us the next steps.
  • What payment terms do I have?
    Your payment terms are mentioned during your checkout process and on your invoice, we offer 7- 90 days and Pay in 3 instalments depending on the agreement with your merchant and based on the credit assessment of your business.
  • I have already paid, but still receive payment reminders. What should I do?
    Please contact us at and advise your invoice number and payment date, we will then review your account details and provide you with feedback on why you are receiving reminders.
  • Why do I receive late payment fees?
    Late payment fees are applied when a buyer fails to pay within 14 days past the due date of the invoice. Late payment fees are non-negotiable and are charged within the boundaries of applicable laws. Sprinque recommends adhering to the payment terms to avoid incurring any late payment fees. If buyers anticipate challenges in meeting payment deadlines, it is recommended to communicate with Sprinque’s customer support at as soon as possible to explore possible alternatives and find a mutually agreeable solution.

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