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How Sprinque helps Samsung leverage payments to grow their SMB segment

Samsung Electronics is a household name and a global leader in consumer electronics while also being active in a myriad of other industries like semiconductors, telecommunications, and digital media technologies.

In recent years, Samsung Electronics strategically expanded its B2B online presence in 30 countries across the globe. Traditionally relying on retailers for sales, Samsung has complemented indirect retail sales with direct sales through their online e-stores. After witnessing the success of this approach in the B2C segment, Samsung decided to expand the target scope of their e-stores to include Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in most of their European markets. This shift has been especially fruitful, with a remarkable doubling of growth in B2B online sales as of February 2023 compared to the previous year. Notably, this transition aligns with the evolving landscape, where 76% of Small and Medium businesses (SMBs) in Europe now prefer purchasing computer and telecom appliances online.

Distribution of online and offline orderers per product category
Sprinque Design

Samsung’s challenge

To further accelerate the growth of the SMB segment, Samsung seeks to continuously improve and remove friction in the buying experience. Learning that business buyers prefer to Pay by Invoice (or Buy now and Pay later), Samsung Benelux started the search for offering a B2B payment solution.

Samsung immediately ruled out the option of building and managing an in-house Pay by Invoice solution. Samsung recognized that managing invoices, monitoring credit limits, buyer approvals, and fraud checks would take valuable time and resources from their core business and opportunities. With this in mind, Samsung began their search for a B2B payments platform.

In their search, Samsung established three key requirements a provider should adhere to:

Offer a seamless payment experience, including Pay by Invoice and Instalments, that could be embedded in the buying journey without adding friction.

Eliminate all workload when it comes to chasing late payments, defaults, or managing credit limits for buyers.

Given the high risk of fraud in the industry, Samsung looked for a partner with solid fraud detection capabilities who covered the risk in case fraud occurred.


The solution

After a thorough deliberation process, Sprinque was selected as the best payments platform to support the Samsung e-stores in the Benelux. Sprinque filled all the requirements and stood out from its competitors with the following:

Flexible platform and ease of implementation

Sprinque’s SDK proved to be a customizable yet simple integration that merges with the current purchasing journey, creating a top-notch customer experience.

Presence across Europe

Although the initial request was for the Benelux, Samsung’s team knew that B2B buyers across Europe would benefit from a solution like this. After a successful launch in the Benelux, Sprinque and Samsung have extended their partnership to Portugal and Spain. Sprinque handles pan-European buyers and provides localized communication with buyers.

Credit limits up to 25K euro

High-value orders are standard within the electronic industry. Sprinque offers an automatic credit limit of up to €25,000, which allows Samsung to accommodate more significant transactions, fostering increased order volumes and promoting growth in their B2B sales.


The results of the first months have been very positive for Samsung. A whopping 70% of all B2B buyers decided to pay with Sprinque. In addition, average order value was 30% higher with Sprinque.


Due to the strong results in the Benelux, Sprinque is now also available for B2B buyers in the Portuguese and Spanish markets, and we’re ready to support Samsung in growing the EU B2B segment.



Within months, 70% of business buyers select Sprinque as their payment method in the checkout.


Order value

Samsung has seen a 30% increase in the average order value in their B2B segment.

Sprinque ticked all the boxes for us. Furthermore, they exceeded our expectations with the flexibility of their platform, the responsiveness of the team, and European capabilities.

Ernst Vischer, Business Development Manager Samsung Electronics Benelux

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