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How QLF Brands accelerates sales across Europe with Sprinque

Sprinque Design

Originating in a small town in the Netherlands in 2007, QLF Brands has evolved into the market leader in selling lighting products with a mission to enhance customer spaces through atmospheric and functional lighting.

QLF Brands is now active in 29 countries, including major markets such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and UK. Experienced great success in the B2C market, they’ve observed the growth of their B2B segment and are looking to capture the opportunities ahead fully.






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QLF's challenges

Understanding that payment is a key component of a successful B2B purchasing experience, QLF Brands attempted to expand its successful B2C formula to the growing B2B segment. They have already established a partnership with Klarna in offering a smooth payment experience to their B2C customers, and look forward to mirroring the success in selling to business buyers. 


QLF Brands identified a few challenges while assessing the scope of a successful B2B payment experience. Firstly, since QLF Brands is active in 29 European markets, targeting B2B buyers across all these regions requires a consistent and effective approach and therefore they preferred to work with a single supplier. Secondly, they would need a solution that is seamlessly integrated to their Magento 2 webshop to provide a smooth buyer experience and not disrupting their current tech stack. Last but not least, QLF Brands want to ensure highest customer satisfaction by providing high acceptance rate for orders, instant approval, and localized communication. 


Realizing that building a custom solution was not desirable for QLF brands, they decided to search for a trustworthy B2B payment solution provider that could handle the process quickly, effectively, and securedly.


The solution

Sprinque’s Magento 2 plug-in offers a streamlined and efficient integration process. With the personalized support of a dedicated account manager from Sprinque, the onboarding and integration process went smoothly and the issues were resolved promptly. Upon the integration, QLF Brands is able to extend flexible payment terms to their business buyers and provide a seamless B2B experience across regions like they accomplished in the B2C sector.


With Sprinque’s wide buyer geographic coverage, QLF Brands can now service all their buyers with a single provider, allowing them to optimizie their operational effort. Moreover, with Sprinque’s high buyer acceptance rate (93%), QLF Brands gains trust and favour from a wide range of business clients. 


Another unique value that Sprinque brings to the table is the ability to process invoice automatically while maintaining top-notch security. Sprinque’s robust fraud screening mechanism provided an additional layer of security, safeguarding transactions from potential risks and reduced manual efforts. This allows QLF Brands to navigate the challenges of B2B sales in multiple geographies with confidence and reach operation efficiency

El comprador no es la persona que paga:

en la mayoría de las empresas (especialmente las que tienen más de 10 empleados), las compras las realiza el departamento de compras, mientras que los pagos los efectúa el departamento financiero.

Procesos de cuentas a pagar:

los procesos financieros suelen requerir que las facturas se carguen en el ERP o sistema contable para su pago. Este proceso puede tardar entre 7 y 30 días después de la compra.

Gestión del flujo de caja:

a las empresas les gusta poder vender primero sus productos antes de tener que pagar a sus proveedores. O al menos disponer de cierta flexibilidad.

Cobertura transfronteriza para compradores internacionales

Equippo now meets buyer expectations for physical inspections and secure transactions and has more resources to focus on its global growth. Upon the first month of integration, 25% of all deals involved Sprinque, and a month later, Sprinque already covered 77% of all transactions on the Equippo platform. 





Cobertura transfronteriza para compradores internacionales

Bill from South Africa, who runs a specialized rental company providing mining operators heavy equipment in the North Western province, had long been wanting to benefit from the lower European price level but struggled to find an easy and trustworthy way to purchase from Europe. Once he had the import permission in place, he was able to order a suitable unit in a direct online transaction from a French rental company, via the Equippo marketplace. It was as easy as checking the shipping rates on Equippo’s website, placing an online order and selecting Sprinque as his payment option. Now, Bill is able to enjoy the benefit of a lower price point, and can pay easily after physically inspect his orders.

We want to grow our B2B sales across Europe and chose Sprinque because they were the only provider that were able to support us within all geographies we want to go to.

Teun de Wit, Customer Experience Manager

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