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Our new PrestaShop plugin is available now for European merchants to install

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

After the successful release of our Sprinque WooCommerce plugin, we are excited to announce the release of our latest addition to our integration methods: the new Sprinque plugin for PrestaShop is now ready for you to integrate in your web shop. PrestaShop is the leading e-commerce platform in Europe, with a market leader position in Spain, Italy and France. Based on an open-source model, PrestaShop allows any merchant to operate its e-commerce project anywhere in the world, benefiting from a solution fully customizable and adaptable to each market, a solution that has already allowed all of their 300,000 stores to generate more than 22 billion euros in sales.

With close collaboration with PrestaShop Platinum partner WemakeIT, Sprinque is happy to share that our integration with open-source eCommerce solution PrestaShop is live. This integration ensures that PrestaShop’s more than 60,000 B2B merchants can easily and automatically provide Pay by Invoice solutions for their international buyers, allowing the businesses to boost conversion and increase revenue to their online stores.

We are confident our existing and future customers in Spain, Germany, and France will definitely benefit from this new way to seamlessly integrate Sprinque in their online shop.

This development will make it easier for us to provide easy access and make the integration of Sprinque for B2B merchants as seamless as possible. By adding the Prestashop module to our existing integration methods, a wider range of B2B merchants looking to expand across geographies can now make Sprinque available to their buyers to give them what they want the most: the ability to buy now and pay later.

Are you an agency and you’d like to understand how your clients can provide net payment terms easily and safely online? Please let our Partnership team know and we’ll help you supercharge your clients’ growth and implement digital processes to manage their invoicing and payments pains. If you have a B2B webshop using PrestaShop or other e-commerce platforms, you can find all our existing Sprinque integrations under our Integrations page.

Want to understand how to provide your business buyers payment terms online at scale? Then book a demo below with our team today.

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