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Sprinque's integration with WooCommerce is now ready: Meet our WooCommerce plugin

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Sprinque's integration with WooCommerce is now ready: Meet our WooCommerce plugin

In our efforts to create seamless B2B checkout experiences while enabling European merchants to offer net payment terms safely to their international buyers, we are happy to announce that our WooCommerce integration is now ready for you to implement. WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source commerce solution built on WordPress and is the world’s leading open-source eCommerce solution, powering 25% of the top million online stores. Therefore we are confident that this next step in our development will make it easier for our customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and across Europe to benefit from Sprinque’s services by adding them to their B2B web shop on a whim.

This integration ensures that B2B businesses using WooCommerce in their online shop can easily and automatically provide Pay by Invoice for their buyers, allowing them to boost their e-commerce shop conversions and increase their revenue. Our WooCommerce plugin is one of the easiest ways to integrate with Sprinque’s B2B checkout platform, and with this plugin B2B businesses can easily offer business buyers convenient and flexible payment options for their purchases.

“A reason for us to go with Sprinque is they could help us offer payment terms to buyers across Europe. Sprinque helps us to drive conversion of business customers, by offering the option to pay in 15 or 30 days.” - Max Bisseling, Ecommerce Manager at Online Plastic Group

Apart from simplifying the monthly payment processes in companies dealing with a considerable amount of B2B payment transactions, Sprinque adds a layer of safety in B2B payments: we perform a real-time fraud and credit risk assessment (with a +95% approval rate) when buyers create an account with the merchant, or when they select "Pay by Invoice" at check out. When approved, Sprinque issues a revolving credit line buyers can use for multiple purchases. Sprinque then pays the merchant when the final invoice is issued, taking away the risk of default.

But not only European merchants are benefitting from this new Sprinque and WooCommerce integration. Paving the way to help more B2B businesses, Sprinque is calling for more implementation and agency partners to assist in helping B2B merchants to integrate with their B2B payments solution.

If you are an agency or think we could be an ally in your growth, let us know if you’d like to help your clients sell more and faster by contacting our Partnerships team. For more integration methods, check out our Sprinque integrations page.

Want to understand how to provide your business buyers payment terms online at scale? Then book a demo below with our team today.

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