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Announcing Sprinque's Magento plugin integration

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

After the success of our previous Sprinque for WooCommerce and Sprinque for PrestaShop plugins and integrations releases, we are extremely glad to present our latest plugin: we have created a Sprinque for Magento integration that you can start implementing today in your online shop! Magento is currently among the top ten eCommerce technologies powering over 65,000 eCommerce websites worldwide. In addition, Magento also has a community that has more than 115.000 members. It is also well known for its cutting-edge B2B eCommerce solutions with dynamic APIs and open architecture, which represents the best go-to-market solutions for B2B sellers.

For B2B merchants with their online shop built on Magento and operating across Europe, this new integration opens incredible opportunities for growth. Magento functionalities have all been created to boost conversion ratios, which is a perfect fit for Sprinque’s offering to European merchants. With Sprinque’s Magento plugin, you can easily provide your business buyers what they want: the ability to pay by invoice, at scale. This integration offers a massive potential for B2B merchants to improve their online store conversion, retention, AOV metrics and also their bottom line, since it reduces admin costs and default risk.

This plugin has been built together with Magento Premier Technology Partner Amasty, which is a leading developer company within the Magento extensions market. Thanks to Amasty’s extensive Magento knowledge, our plugin is compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition (now called Adobe Commerce), Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition (now Adobe Commerce Cloud) and Magento Community Edition (now Magento Open Source).

Paving the way to help more B2B businesses looking for a cross-European solution to manage their invoices, Sprinque is calling for more implementation and agency partners to assist in helping B2B merchants building online webshops in the Magento ecosystem. Let us know if you’d like to help your clients sell more and faster by contacting our Partnerships team.

If you think we can help you grow your business, book a demo today with our team.

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