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Sprinque and The etailers join forces to empower B2B e-commerce merchants

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Sprinque - The Etailers

We are very proud to announce a game-changing partnership between Sprinque, the cross-border B2B payments platform, and The etailers, the renowned Spanish ecommerce and Adobe Commerce (Magento) specialist agency.

This collaboration brings together the innovative pay-by-invoice capabilities of Sprinque with The etailers' expertise in helping B2B merchants digitize via webshops. By joining forces, we are set to revolutionize B2B ecommerce, providing merchants with an all-encompassing solution to enhance their online business operations. This partnership between Sprinque and The etailers represents a union of complementary strengths, paving the way for a transformative impact on B2B ecommerce, especially for Spanish B2B merchants.

Enabling cross-border Pay by Invoice solutions

Sprinque has become the trusted partner of ambitious B2B merchants who want to enter new geographies. From running instant credit and fraud checks to enabling business buyers to pay via net terms, Sprinque empowers merchants to service cross-border transactions without taking on additional risks or manual work. With a deep understanding of B2B purchasing flows, Sprinque is built to support online and offline use cases.

With the assistance of Sprinque, businesses can effortlessly expand their global presence, speed up the relationship with new customers, and eliminate administrative burdens and payment delays.

“We’ve been impressed with the pace of Spanish merchants digitizing their business and expanding across geographies. Together with The etailers, we’re able to provide those ambitious Spanish businesses with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed across borders. The etailers are an invaluable partner for us to unlock the Spanish market and with our joint effort, we’ll be able to assist more and more e-commerce businesses to thrive in the digital world.” Juan Espinosa, CEO of Sprinque.

Digitizing B2B webshop capabilities

The etailers comprises a diverse team of entrepreneurs and digital enthusiasts with extensive experience in e-commerce and Magento. By combining their expertise in online business, technology, marketing, customer service, finance, and logistics, The etailers deliver tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of every e-commerce venture. Their track record of success has cemented their reputation as a trusted partner for businesses aiming to unlock their digital potential and elevate their B2B webshop capabilities.

"We see in Sprinque an ideal provider for attracting new B2B customers, and for the deferred payment of existing customers, with immediate credit approval and deferred payment, solutions that we already had for B2C and that we were using in B2B at a European level.” Santiago Sánchez, CEO of The etailers.

Shaping the future of B2B payments and e-commerce

With this strategic partnership, Sprinque and The etailers are poised to spearhead the evolution of B2B payments and e-commerce. Together, we are committed to pioneering innovative solutions that empower merchants to thrive in the digital era, driving seamless cross-border transactions and unlocking new growth opportunities.

As the partnership unfolds, Sprinque and The etailers are excited to embark on this journey together, supporting B2B merchants in their quest to digitize their webshop capabilities and redefine the way they conduct business online across territories.

Stay tuned for more updates as we work diligently to bring you the future of B2B payments and e-commerce! If you want to learn more about Sprinque’s capabilities, please book an appointment with our team today.

Are you also an agency and do you want to help your clients to solve their B2B payments challenges? Reach out to our partnership team and we’ll help you speed up your clients’ growth and payments processes.

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About Sprinque

Sprinque is a leading cross border B2B payments platform that enables pay-by-invoice capabilities for businesses. With secure and efficient technology, Sprinque empowers merchants to streamline invoice payments, detect fraud, avoid risks, reduce administrative burdens, and accelerate cash flow. Sprinque makes it possible for B2B merchants and B2B marketplaces to extend payment terms to their customers, with the option for them to pay 7 - 90 days later, without taking on additional risk or operational overhead. Sprinque was founded in the spring of 2021 in Amsterdam by Manoj Tutika (CTO), Mark Holleman (CPO), and Juan Espinosa (CEO).

About The etailers

At The etailers, we create and manage customized e-commerce solutions to integrate your online store in your business model, as well as the rest of the sales channels, efficiently. We guarantee a great shopping and omnichannel experience to your customers. From Strategy to Customer Service through Technology and Marketing, and also Merchant of Record, we help our B2B, B2C and D2C customers to be successful on the digital world offering them end to end ecommerce services. Defining the best online strategy aligned with our customer's business goals, developing the most reliable e-commerce platform and bringing the highest customer experience to the final user are the basis of The etailers' unique value proposition.


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